Featured Artists


Join us for "The Power of Color", our February show featuring the following Member Artists.  Show runs throughout the month of February.

Linda Swindle

After exploring many different mediums, Linda settled on watercolor and silk painting. Both of these mediums lend themselves well to the spontaneity and freedom that seems to call to her. One of Linda’s goals is to achieve greater freedom of expression and spontaneity by letting intuition have a role in each of her paintings.

For Linda, inspiration for subject matter comes from our walk through everyday life which she translates into her watercolor art. Linda shares her knowledge with classes on watercolor painting.







Vanessa Julian

The painted boxes at the Red Chair Gallery in Bend, Oregon are created by artist Vanessa Julian. Some of the boxes have wheels for feet and wooden balls for handles on their lids. Other boxes have antique items screwed on, like old yoyos or shoe brushes made in Israel. It’s whatever she picks up on her journeys around town that get placed in the makings of the boxes. Then her mind starts to sputter out ideas for the images that get painted all over the sides, top and bottoms of each box. Moons with smiles or monkeys flying teacups are popped into life when Vanessa paints. It’s a process that every artist is familiar with, that of creation. She loves being an artist, and since her life has been so colorful and her humor a tad bit warped her art reflects this and so the objects are fun and bright.





 Jacqueline Newbold

Jacqueline gets her inspiration from her many travels and her first love is watercolor. She enjoys experimenting with mixed media to add dimension to her paintings and her playful color palette is a delight for the eyes. Each work is a moment in time captured for our pleasure. Jacqueline teaches watercolor classes and conducts group trips to places such as Provence, France and Hood river, Oregon.

Jacqueline’s creativity is also expressed through her work with jewelry. Each piece is delicate in design and blends color in pleasing ways, perfect for every day or special occasion wear.